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Closet Maid Master Suite laminate shelving is elegant

If your budget can afford it the designs possibilities are endless. What makes a good design is one that fits you and your needs. Do you need lots of shoe storage, do you have lots of dresses or five and two evening gowns ? The space that our staff will help you create will make your dream closet a reality.

Islands in a closet need room to breath. If you are considering an island that you can fold clothes on or pack a suit case make sure the width of the closet you are building has at least ten feet wide. Ten feet is cutting it close! An Island is an oasis that needs lots of room to breath.  Think about your vacation for a minute. You can walk around where ever you want. If your closet is too small and you insist on an island you might be disappointed.

Master Suite offers flexibly from adults to infants.

Discover harmony between utility and beauty with the Master Suite  line of closets for the home


A closet from Master Suite is about the only thing children won't outgrow - because it grows with them.  Shelves, drawers, hanging rods, and accessories easily reconfigure into new closet layouts that match each stage in a child's growth.
Master Suite has cooked up something great for the kitchen.  Our broad line of pantry configurations introduces a stylish and convenient way of storing food and kitchen items.  Abundant, adjustable storage space keeps everything within easy reach, even bulky items that don't fit into traditional pantries.  finding the right item is as simple as scanning the shelves.
Master Suite irons out the wrinkles in any laundry room set-up with customized laundry storage solutions.  Combining open shelf space with the right storage options creates an efficient system for finishing laundry work.

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